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Well, Its always interesting and extremely gratifying to hear kind words of encouragement from those who have been in the business for a long time and are well known for their work – and not just well known, but kind of “Big Deals” in the art/poster community.

Last night I was speaking to the one and only Don Pendleton via Facebook messenger, discussing his work, discussing my work to date and we covered a number of other topics during our conversion. Weather he was just being kind – I have no idea – but he certainly sounded sincere (as much as you can be via messenger anyway.) Complimenting my work and encouraging me to continue on my path.

It was somewhat surreal as he’s up there with the best of them. Most know him for his skateboard designs but many know him for his Gig Posters which is what I’m trying to do. And as a fan of his work, it made it that much more gratifying.

So, Thanks Don, I appreciated our conversation very much.

I should also mention that a few months ago, a somewhat similar situation happened the same way with David Welker, and he was technically the first to respond; so I couldn’t in good conscious leave out a thanks to him for actually responding and answering my questions I had for him.

This is kind of a rare thing I think – as I’ve reach out to multiple Artists looking for opinions, advice, and just some answers to general questions as I have many since I’m just starting out really. Unfortunately – most did not respond.

I realize that these guys are probably very busy and can’t respond to every message they receive – but for the ones that have I appreciate it big time. It means more to me then I’m sure you know; but these little things are what can really drive someone to go that extra distance.

Back to the art - and constant uploading of content....