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In the next few days many of my designs will be available on T-Shirts, as graphic T’s and other merchandise.

These designs will not bare any Band Names unless I’m authorized to do so, so any designs from Pearl Jam will not contain their name. (Many have been requesting this as something they were hoping to be able to purchase), so I’ll be making these available through Redbubble as soon as I convert images and get them uploaded to Redbubble.

I could use Amazon as I’m part of Amazon Merch also but so far the sales on Amazon have been very weak and too many people are copying others designs practically pixel for pixel and Amazon doesn’t seem to care unless an Infringement case is applied for.

All these folks do is make sure the Key words don’t contain any copyrighted words and the design seems to get past Amazons “Strict” (And I use that term very lightly) approval process.

Ergo: I’ll stick with Redbubble – might be a little more expensive to the consumer, but I’ve had great success with them up till now so I’ll stick with them for the time being.

P.S. The products are of great quality and they have the items produced and shipped ultra fast - in case anyone was worried.