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I came across a site today that offers contests for poster artists.

Although there’s nothing currently that I personally want to enter as there are only two live contests, one for Big Bang Theory and one for Orange is the New Black, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

Since I’m so new to the industry it’s probably best I keep putting my name out there wherever and whenever I can.

As for the site, in the last two days not much has happened – I still have to add so many posters it’s overwhelming; ¾ of which are more demos, but the store has many new additions coming. 

I haven’t really shared the site on social media just yet as I wanted to wait until I had the majority of the content online. Spending the majority of my days optimizing the site for SEO, which can take forever. I highly doubt my site will be on the first page if Poster Artist is searched, but I’m hoping I can get within the first three pages of google for a few specific terms. (We’ll see)